What is a Bitcoin Account?

A bitcoin account or wallet is essentially an online account for the cryptocurrency, which allows people to store, receive and send bitcoin. Each bitcoin account has its own name and can be used across mobile, web and desktop applications to exchange the currency.

However, making a bitcoin transaction can be a lengthy process, as each one has to be verified by blockchain. Plus, many bitcoin accounts have a maximum amount that can be sent within 24-hour periods and cut-off times to do so. Trading CFDs on bitcoin provides a quicker and more flexible way to go long or short on the cryptocurrency.

Trade CFD on Bitcoin

Setting up a bitcoin account or wallet can be a slow process to just exchange the currency. For a quicker and more convenient way to trade on the price of bitcoin you can do so by trading CFDs with one of our ADSS accounts. 

There is a finite number of bitcoin available (approx. 21 million), which can be broken down into an infinite number. This offers plenty of opportunities for the cryptocurrency’s value to change and with CFD trading you can go long or short, speculating on upwards and downwards trends, and benefit from great leverage.

The price of bitcoin will be quoted against the US Dollar (“USD”) and there is flexibility on trade sizes, with one CFD equal to one bitcoin. Log in to your existing account or create a new one to start trading.

Open an Account with ADSS

While you can’t open a bitcoin account to hold the cryptocurrency like a bitcoin wallet does, we provide a range of account options that allow you to trade CFDs on bitcoin. Sign up today for an MT4 account to first practise with a free demo, and then open a live account and begin trading CFDs on bitcoin for real.