Our CFD Trading Apps

You can trade CFDs from your tablet or smartphone with our CFD trading apps. 

Trading via a CFD means that you never physically own the underlying asset. Whereas ownership of the actual asset can be expensive and complicated, CFDs are a straightforward way to trade on many of the global financial instruments. With CFDs, you can also trade in both rising and falling markets. 

Trade CFD with OREX Mobile

Thanks to our CFD trading apps, you can now trade CFDs anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Our OREX mobile app allows you to trade over 1,000 CFDs (including forex, commodities, indices and single stocks) wherever and whenever. 

You can download the OREX app for free for iOS, Android and Windows devices. You can also read our introductor guide to learn about many of the benefits of CFD trading on the OREX app, including: 

  • The ability to view open trades and historical trades 
  • A notification centre, so you can be informed of the latest CFD price movements
  • One button account deposit and withdrawls 

OREX gives you real time data access, so you can make informed CFD trading decisions to help to guide your trading strategy. You can also share information to your trading community, thanks to the social connectivity function. This allows you to sign up using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts and share important market updates. 

Download the free OREX Mobile app today and begin your CFD trading adventure.  

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