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Trading Account Information

Credit Card Disclaimer


As an account holder with ADSS, you are responsible for monitoring your trading account (“Account“) and margin requirements.  Only funds available in your Account shall be considered for margin-risk calculation and trading purposes.


Money transfers, direct deposits and credit card deposits will be available for your trading only when we have verified the deposit and credited the funds to your Account, regardless of any confirmation you may receive from your or our bank and whether the funds have been received by us.


You remain liable for all losses (whether direct or indirect) that may occur whilst we complete the transaction including in situations where there are delays in receiving or verifying the funds by us.


Specifically, in the case of credit card deposits, which in most cases work as an instant tool to fund your Account, there can be delays or rejections caused by  security restrictions or temporary disruption or failure or any other technical issues.  If the automatic fund deposit fails, a manual intervention may be needed and this may not take place until the next working day.  In the meantime, if you face such an issue, you are still able to manage your Account independently by means of a full or partial close or hedge of your positions until the funds are credited and showing in your Account as available for margin trading.

By clicking next you agree to the above disclaimer 

Can I open a demo account?

To gain trading experience without risk, you can open a demo account at any time. For new traders we always recommend that they use a demo account to test their strategies before opening a live account.

What are the advantages of trading on a demo account?

A demo account gives you the opportunity to practice trading without cost or risk. There is no real money involved but it will help you to become familiar with executing transactions, as well as the specific features and functionality of our platforms. Please note that execution speed is slower than you will experience in our ultra-low latency ‘live’ trading environment.

Is a deposit required to open a Demo account?

There are no costs or charges associated with demo accounts. Your demo account will contain virtual funds which you can use to practice with.

Does a demo account expire after a certain period of time?

A demo account will remain active so long as it continues to be used. All demo accounts will expire, however, following two weeks of inactivity.

How can I learn more about your platforms the products you offer?

We have a vast range of educational videos provided in the education section of the website. Here you will find video tutorials and information about how to trade.

We also provide detailed market analysis and advice which can be used to help develop your knowledge and understanding of markets.

For more information more information on the platforms we offer, please visit:

How safe are my funds?

ADS Securities LLC was established with paid-up capital of US$400 million, making it one of the most highly capitalised forex trading firms in the world. This gives security and stability for traders and allows us to separate client monies from the funds we use to manage and maintain trading. In jurisdictions where segregated accounts are required and available, that particular entity offers this facility.

How does ADS Securities guarantee the security of transactions?

All clients working with us will benefit from dealing with a company which operates in a strictly controlled and regulatory environment. We have been awarded ISO/IEC 27001 certification for the management of information security and the protection of sensitive information, including client credit card data. ISO/IEC 27001 covers all management systems and shows that we have effective measures in place to protect sensitive information, and includes:

  • Continuous auditing by an internationally recognised auditing/certification body
  • Enhanced business processes to protect against internal and external security threats
  • Ensures the maintenance and continual improvement of an information security process

Additional security is provided by the financial strength of the company. This allows us to work with Tier-1 partners including banks, LPs and technology companies.

Do you offer round the clock customer support?

Yes. Customer support is available 24/5, from Sunday 22:00 GMT to Friday 22:00 GMT to mirror the trading hours. To contact Customer Support, call: +971 2 657 2414 +971 2 652 9777 or email: [email protected].

For MENA clients we also provide client support on Sundays, from Abu Dhabi. Call: +971 2 652 9777 or email: [email protected]. Or alternatively, you can contact us on Live Chat.

How many languages do you support?

The ADSS.com website is available in English, Arabic and Chinese. Our Abu Dhabi office has client service teams that provide support in English and Arabic. In Hong Kong, our teams offer support in Chinese and English. Our London office provides support in the main European languages and for clients on-boarded under FCA regulations, www.ads-securities.co.uk is available in English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese and Serbian.

How do I open an account?

Opening an account is quick and straight forward. Please click on the link below and follow the steps outlined. You will need to provide proof of identity, a confirmation of your address and a means of funding the account, by credit/ debit card, bank transfer, or by cheque.

What is the minimum deposit required?

The amount of initial deposit required will depend on the type of account you are opening and the region you are in.  The minimum of any additional deposit(s) with ADS Securities is US$100, with no upper limit.  Deposits of less than US$100 will not be booked into your trading account until a minimum US$100 balance has been reached.

What is the right trading account for me?

ADS Securities offers clients a number of account options all of which offer FX, CFD and precious metal trading.  These will depend on the region you are based in.

Or you can contact our Prime customer support teams:

Do you accept clients that reside in the US?

ADS Securities accepts clients from many jurisdictions; however we are not currently accepting retail account applications from residents of the United States of America; only professional clients which qualify as an Eligible Contract Participant may open an account with us.

Can I have a Swap Free account?

Yes. For our MENA clients, our Prime Classic and Prime Elite accounts can be offered as swap free accounts to any trader who, for religious reasons, opts not to receive or pay daily swap fees. There are restrictions on the currency pairs which we are unable to offer as swap free accounts, and swaps may be applied if the position is held open for more than 10 days. Spreads on swap free accounts may also increase slightly. For more information please refer to the Swap Free Account section of the website.

How long does it take to open an account?

If you open an account through our client portal ‘MyADSS’ and you have all the required documents, applications can be processed in under five minutes. To avoid any delays, please ensure correct documentation has been provided. You will need to provide proof of identity, a confirmation of your address and a means of funding the account, by credit/ debit card and bank transfer.

Can I give someone else permission to trade my account for me?

Yes you can give permission to have someone else trade your account, but this is an arrangement between you and the trader. You are still accountable and liable for the account and any profits or losses associated with the trading.

How can I withdraw my profits?

When you open an account you will be given access to the ADS Securities ‘MyADSS’ client portal.  Using the portal you will be able to request the withdrawal of funds.  This is a straight forward process with money sent straight into your bank account.  Please note that the minimum withdrawal is US$100 and withdrawals below that amount will only be accepted if it is a final settlement to close the account.  Withdrawal fees may be applicable.

Accounts are managed through the ADS Securities ‘MyADSS’ client portal. MyADSS provides a range of account information and management options. The portal also has contacts for the support teams so will be the best place to look to resolve any issues you may have.

Support contacts:

How can I request a password reset?

You can reset your password directly from your client portal through the account management window. If you have forgotten your password, please contact our support team who will be able to assist.

Why am I unable to log in or I am receiving an ‘invalid account’ message?

Check that your internet connection is working and re-enter your Login and Password. If you still see the message “invalid account”, please contact Customer Support.

When will I receive statements for my account?

A monthly statement will be sent to your registered email address at the end of each calendar month. In addition, you will be emailed a statement on a daily basis if there is any activity on your account.

How do I update my account details?

Account details can be edited from the client portal in the section ‘My details’. If you are changing your address, you will need to provide appropriate proof of address documentation.

What methods of payments do you accept?

We accept credit or debit card payments and bank transfers. All the details of the payment options we accept can be found on your client portal.

What currencies can be used to deposit?

It is possible to deposit in 13 different currencies using your credit card. We have GBP, EUR and USD bank accounts and can accept wire transfers into any of these. Please be advised that the bank may charge for conversion rates on wire transfers in different currencies.

How can I withdraw my funds?

We comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements, so all funds will always be returned to the original source from which they were deposited. Any additional profits will be sent as a wire transfer. Card withdrawals can be made through the portal, and you can submit a form to us requesting a wire withdrawal. To withdraw fund please login to your MyADSS Client Portal account.

Are there any fees for funding or withdrawing?

Fees may apply. The minimum deposit and withdrawal with ADS Securities is USD$100. Withdrawals below USD $100 will only be accepted only if it is a final settlement to close the account.  ADS Securities will be not process any refunds unless a minimum US$100 balance has been reached. For more information, please check with your account manager.

Do you accept third party payments?

ADS Securities does not accept any third party payments.

What trading platforms are available to ADS clients?

ADS Securities is committed to providing our clients with an exceptional trading experience. Two main trading platforms are available for Prime customers: ADS Securities MT4 and OREX. Our client services team can advise on which platform will be most suited to your trading needs. ADS Securities MT4 combines the well-known trading ability from this very successful and popular trading platform with access to institutional quality liquidity, pricing and spreads as well as the unrivalled support from ADS Securities.

OREX is a proprietary platform developed by ADS Securities. It is a new generation multi-asset platform which offers exceptionally low latency and order processing, and delivers intuitive navigation, quick and efficient position management, risk management and reliability at every stage of the trade cycle.

Can I trade from my smart phone?

Yes. The ADS Securities MT4 platform is available on a range of mobile devices, via MT4 Mobile. OREX, ADS Securities’ next generation trading app, is also available on a range of devices operating on both iOS and Android. To learn more, please refer to the Platforms & Devices page.

What is the overnight financing charge?

Overnight financing on non FX positions will be charged on any markets that specify CASH in the name, and on all UK and US shares. The rate used at ADS Securities is 2.5% above or below LIBOR. The calculation is:

(Price * Quantity) x (2.5 +/- LIBOR) / number of days

How can I find the swap rates for FX pairs?

To view the prevailing swap rates on the MT4 platform, right click in the Market Watch > Symbols > Select Market > Properties. Alternatively, please call the customer support teams.

Can you explain T+2 settlement?

The FX spot market has T+2 settlement; the Value date (when the trade is settled) is two business days from the Trade date. Interest is calculated to cover the weekend (when brokers and banks are not open). This effectively means that if you open a position on Thursday and close before the rollover on Wednesday, you only pay the financing for five nights.

When will I get commission charges?

Commission is charged on equity trades and on CFDs from certain markets. The rate is 10 basis points for UK shares and on US shares, we charge 2 cents per share. For more information, please contact the customer support team.

Will you make dividend adjustments on my account?

All CFDs and Spread Bets are subject to dividend adjustments. This is because when a stock pays a dividend, it will affect the price of the share and any index it is associated with. . When a stock pays a dividend, this will be automatically adjusted on your account to counteract the price movement. You will receive the dividend if you hold a long position over the ex-date, and you will pay the dividend if you have a short position. This means that you are neither advantaged nor disadvantaged by dividends when trading a derivative product. Taxes applied to the dividends cannot be reclaimed.

What is the difference between market execution and a pending order?

Market execution enters you into a trade at the current market price. A pending order can be used to specify a price and if the market reaches that value, the order will be triggered and a trade will be opened at the next available price. Please refer to the Execution Policy for the specific product and entity with whom you are trading.

Do you offer guaranteed stop losses?

ADS Securities can not guarantee a stop loss. All orders will be filled at the first available price and this can have a negative or positive impact. There are some instances where your stop will have been triggered even though the chart does not show that the price was reached. This can be attributed to either (a) the charts displaying raw interbank prices and therefore do not account for the spread, (b) the charts displaying only one side of the market, or (c) the charts displaying indicative movement which may not be capturing all price updates immediately.

What are the different types of pending order?

Buy Stop – Above Market Price; Sell Stop – Below Market Price; Sell Limit – Above Market Price; Buy Limit – Below Market Price

What happens to my open positions when I log out of my platform?

Positions remain open until they are either closed manually, or by an order, or when a contract expires.

What are your trading hours?

We follow global FX trading hours which trade 24 hours a day, five days a week. These open at 8am on Monday morning in Sydney (+ 10 GMT), and close on Friday in New York (- 5 GMT). For CFDs, individual products follow different hours.

For more information, please refer to the Markets Information Sheet.

What is slippage?

When the price that you are executed at is different to the price that you expected, it is because the price has moved and you have been filled at the next price available in the market. Slippage may occur more frequently in a fast moving market and it can have a negative or positive impact on your order.

Where do your FX prices come from?

All of our clients benefit from unique access to institutional liquidity and pricing generated by the world-leading banks, sovereign wealth funds and major global financial institutions which provide pricing to ADS Securities.

How many currency pairs are available to trade with ADS Securities?

ADS Securities offers 60 currency pairs and four metals instruments. For full detail please go tohttps://www.adss.com/products/.

We also offer +50 CFD instruments. For a full list of CFDs please go to Markets Information Sheet.

What other products are available to trade on the ADS London trading platform?

ADS Securities’ clients can trade in over 250 FX, CFD and spread betting instruments. In addition to FX, ADS Securities’ product range encompasses Indices, Commodities and Bonds. View the complete product range here:

Is the displayed price on charts the BID or OFFER (ASK) price?

Pricing on charts shows the raw indicative BID. To display the OFFER (ASK) price, right click on the chart, select ‘Properties’, click on ‘Common’ and tick ‘Show ASK line’.

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