CFD Trading

Contracts for Difference, or CFDs, are a simple way to trade many of the global financial instruments. Trading CFDs allows you to trade commodities, indices, equities and government bonds.

As part of your trading strategy, CFDs are great instruments to diversify your portfolio. And allow you to make the most of ADS Prime’s innovative trading platforms designed to maximize your trading potential.

What is CFD Trading

A Contract For Difference, CFD in short, is the most simple and easy way to trade most of the global financial instruments. A CFD is essentially a derivative product that tracks the price movement of an underlying market, for example a stock market index like Dow Jones or a heavily traded commodity like Gold.

How to trade CFDs

In the same way as traditional trading, in CFD pricing there is a bid price and an ask price. These are the price levels that the market participants like banks, financial institutions and other traders are willing to buy a product from you or sell one to you.


At ADS Securities we offer a wide range of financial asset classes that can be traded via a CFD.


Cryptocurrencies have grown in importance over the last few years. The original and most well-know is bitcoin, which was launched in 2009 but there are now a number of competitor digital currencies that can be bought and traded.

Account options

The future of trading is here. ADS Securities offers you a range of account options, tailored to accommodate your unique needs and experience.

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Educational Platform

Learn How To Trade CFDs

Try our interactive CFDs trading courses to help you learn how to analyse and trade the market like advanced traders do. Everything is covered, from basic concepts to advanced skills.

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