Bitcoin Currency Converter

Convert a wide range of fiat currencies into bitcoin and vice versa with our up-to-date bitcoin currency converter, here at ADS Securities. Discover the current rate of one bitcoin in your desired currency or how much a certain amount of a fiat currency equates in bitcoin value.

A bitcoin conversion into US dollars, euros and British pound sterling can be made to gain a sense of the cryptocurrency’s current worth. The value of bitcoin is constantly changing, experiencing high levels of volatility and many ups and downs. Therefore, when you’re looking to trade CFDs on bitcoin, it is essential you are aware of its current value.

Use Our Bitcoin Currency Calculator

Our bitcoin conversion calculator is quick and easy to use. Simply enter the amount of bitcoin up to six decimal places and change the fiat currency to the one desired and receive a valuation based on the current rate of both currencies. Or enter a set amount of US dollars, euros or pounds to see how much bitcoin they are worth.

Bitcoin can be broken down into smaller bits, into milli-bitcoin that are worth 0.001 of 1 bitcoin, for example. USD, GBP and EUR can all be converted into XBT and due to the ever-changing rate of bitcoin it may be presented up to six decimal places. Unlike many currency brokers that may include their commission in the bitcoin conversion, here you will find the latest live rates as they are traded.

What Affects the Bitcoin Conversion Rate?

There are various factors which influence the value of bitcoin and fiat currencies. Inflation, interest rates, political stability, economic performance and demand affect traditional currencies. As bitcoin has no base country, further factors affect its price, such as:

  • Government regulation: Restrictions introduced have a significant effect
  • Supply and demand: High demand leads to a hike in price and as there is a finite supply of 21 million bitcoin, supply remains stable
  • Mainstream acceptance: The more bitcoin is accepted as a currency and used, the greater it will grow in value
  • Technology changes: Integrating bitcoin into more payment methods and improving security technology makes bitcoin more appealing and grows its price
  • Market manipulation: Large purchases of bitcoin can greatly raise the value before selling them back to the market for a profit, as its value will fall again

Trade Long or Short on Bitcoin

Trading bitcoin CFDs with ADS Securities offers a flexible and convenient way to capitalise from the cryptocurrency’s price movements. Instead of owning bitcoin and being exposed to all the financial risks a fall in value creates, you instead open a CFD position which allows you to speculate on bitcoin’s value. Go long or short depending on up and downtrends in price, so you can still make gains should it fall in value.

The ability to trade on leverage can further increase gains from a lower starting investment, with plenty of flexibility on trade size whether you wish to speculate on the value of one, ten or more bitcoin or on many milli-bitcoin or smaller amounts. Using the bitcoin currency converter can provide a quick indication of its current worth and help you make an informed decision to go either long or short.

Open a Bitcoin CFD Position with ADS Securities

Start trading bitcoin CFDs with ADS Securities. A demo account is ideal for practising and getting to terms with the tools, while you can open a live account to begin going long or short with a CFD position on the real markets. Our OREX trading platform is available for Windows, iOS and Android and allows you to trade 60 currency pairs and over 1000 CFDs whenever and wherever you are.