Bitcoin prices

Discover the current bitcoin value with our live bitcoin price chart to help you decide whether to go long or short when trading CFDs on the cryptocurrency here at ADS Securities. With 21 million bitcoin in existence, which are then being split down into smaller amounts and exchanged, the price of bitcoin is constantly fluctuating.

The bitcoin price history has experienced plenty of spikes and falls since it was introduced in 2009. Whenever it reaches a peak there are always predictions that a fall in bitcoin value is imminent, the volatility presenting plenty of trading opportunities.

View Live Bitcoin Prices

Use the bitcoin price chart to track the cryptocurrency’s current value and the bitcoin price history, for the past few hours, days, weeks, months and years. This tool can prove essential for identifying recent and historical trends to help inform your trading decisions.

Adapt the bitcoin price graph to display information in the traditional currency of your choice, zooming in or out on a specific time period. Whether you require a close look at the bitcoin rate changing by the hour or a general overview for the past month, both are possible.

Trade CFDs on Bitcoin Price

Trading CFDs on bitcoin allows you to speculate on the rising and falling price of bitcoin. Unlike investing in bitcoin, whereby you will make a financial loss should the bitcoin exchange rate fall, by trading CFDs you can go long or short, capitalizing on the ups and downs of bitcoin value.

The value of bitcoin has increased greatly from its early price of $0.003 in March 2010 to its all-time high of $4,683.87 at the end of August 2017. While that means early investors who held onto the cryptocurrency will have made an incredible profit, the value of a bitcoin has also experienced many dips in between, as the bitcoin chart shows. Along with high levels of volatility, these represent a real risk of loss for bitcoin holders, while CFD traders can capitalise on such downward trends.

Plus, you can trade on leverage with margins starting from 2% and there is flexibility on trade size. The bitcoin price is quoted against USD, though it can be changed to show the price of bitcoin against GBP and EUR as well. Rather than owning bitcoin you instead open a position to speculate on its changing value and with leverage can make higher gains from a lower starting amount.

Start Trading Bitcoin with ADS Securities

Open a live account at ADS Securities to start CFD trading on the current bitcoin value. For those new to CFD trading or who just want to practise before doing it for real, a demo account is the best option to use first. It’s quick and easy to set up an account and offers a much more convenient way to trade on the current bitcoin rate.

Trade bitcoin CFDs with our OREX trading platform. With a notification centre, technical analysis functionality and ability to view open orders and historical trades, you can instantly make decisions based on price changes and the current bitcoin value. OREX is available for Windows, iOS and Android and allows you to trade whenever and wherever you are.