When trading a Swap-Free account, currency pairs held overnight will not be paid or charged a daily swap fee. However, swap-free terms are not available for FX pairs containing the following currencies: HUF, ZAR, MXN, CNH, PLN, RUB, TRY and NZD.

If a swap-free trade, for any currency pair, is held open for more than ten days, swap fees may be applied, unless this requirement is waived by our team at ADSS. With prior notice ADSS reserves the right to terminate swap free account privileges at any time.

Terms of Swap-Free Accounts 

If swap fees are applied the following terms and timings will be followed:

  • MT4 – at 17:00 EST swaps will be applied to all positions held open past 16:59 EST that trading day
  • OREX – between 1:00 EST and 3:00 EST swaps will be applied to all positions held open past 16:59 EST on the previous trading day
  • If swap fees are being applied, they will be charged daily from day ten onwards until the position is closed
  • Swap fees are not applied to any CFD* positions

Please note that during daylight savings, all times in EST will occur one hour earlier.

Key Benefits of a Swap-Free Account 

Swap-Free accounts offer all the benefits of the Classic and Elite accounts, such as:

  • No increase on minimum deposit requirement or limits on deposits
  • No minimum frequency of trades
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* While CFDs do not incur swap fees, they are liable for dividends and daily funding charges which will be reflected in the swap fees section of customer statements. For additional information please refer to the dividends and daily funding charges information.